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Supervision and Consultancy

I provide supervision for therapists and other professionals who work with people as a way to explore the work that they do in a confidential and supportive relationship. I can offer the opportunity to explore personal and professional development issues in ways that can help you to consider your awareness around your work with others.

My experience includes private practice, voluntary agencies and extensive work within schools and with those who work with children and young people.

I view effective supervision where you are valued and respected as a therapist as an essential element of good practice. Within supervision I see a number of key aspects and these include the support of your work, the support of you as a person and as a therapist as well as development and learning. All of these aspects, and more, will be drawn upon within a successful supervision relationship.

Much like therapy itself the supervision relationship is often challenging at times, however, it is also one that can provide immense learning, self development, support and fun throughout the process. Such relationships demand trust and sometimes this takes time to build - I've learned through the years that good supervision, like good therapy, is about the depth and strength of the relationship and that it's worth spending time and effort to develop this to a level where honest discussion can occur.

I mainly still draw on the Person Centred approach as the core of my way of working, however, my work is also influenced by the Existential, Humanistic, Systemic, TA, Solution Focussed and Transpersonal models - overall a very integrative approach to both therapy and supervision.

If you would like to discuss supervision or consultation work further please contact me either by email on counselling@allison-brown.co.uk or by telephone on 07971 807790.