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Ethics and Confidentiality

I abide by the code of ethics outlined on the BACP website. This covers the ethical condsiderations given to the client as we, as counsellors, attempt to ensure the clients wellbeing and emotional safety at all times. It is important that clients also respect that the relationship entered into with a counsellor can become intense at times however it is above all a professional one where contact with the counsellor outside of the counselling sessions is not considered ethical.

Everything you wish to discuss and explore is confidential and I wont discuss you directly with anyone else. You should be aware that in keeping with BACP guidelines I have a supervisor who I may discuss aspects of the way I work with you during our sessions. This supervision acts as a safety net for clients and counsellors and helps ensure you receive the quality of care that is ethically correct.

Confidentiality is important as being able to have such a free, open and safe environment in which to explore anything you wish is often seen as the main benefit of counselling. It gives a security that many seeking counselling have never had from anyone else in their whole life and this can seem both exciting, safe and very unsettling all at the same time. During my training as a counsellor I completed a certain amount of personal therapy myself and therefore understand first hand the sorts of emotions a client can experience. My own experience in turn helps me provide the exact core conditions Rogers speaks about in Person Centred Counselling for my clients.