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About me

My name is Allison Brown and I offer counselling services in Mirfield in West Yorkshire. I offer face to face counselling to individual clients from the age of 14. I can refer clients to appropriate counsellors who offer couples counselling when required. If you are looking for couples counselling please contact me and I can let you have their details. For details of my service for young people please go to my teenage counselling website.

I have qualifications in Person Centred Counselling and I also use an integrative approach that draws on additional types of counselling techniques dependent on clients requirements and issues presented.

I have qualifications in person centred counselling as well as Bsc and MA degrees and I am a member of the BACP and work within their code of ethics. In addition I have a wide range of experience including working with bereavement, suicide and self harm as well issues surrounding self development and relationships. I have worked within staff support in large organisations and my MA is in managing change within organisations. I have counselling experience within student services at Universities, hospices and the voluntary sector including the Samaritans. I believe that humanistic counselling can provide an environment where anyone can explore their issues in a safe environment and consider the way their lives have developed and changed. Many changes can be positive but even when more negative issues become apparent, understanding the way these affect us can be a rewarding experience in itself. Peoples busy lifestyles do not often allow for self exploration with a supportive person who is guaranteed not to judge or give advice is often worth a great deal to people who may be struggling to come to terms or understand aspects of their lives.

I believe that a humanistic type of approach combined with an environment where patterns and repeating thoughts and feelings are highlighted by a counsellor can produce revelations in a clients understanding of themselves. It is by no means a passive type of counselling and in many cases can be very challenging, but challenging in a completely safe and supportive way where the direction is always taken from the client. A client will never be told what to do, how to think and react or indeed how to behave; however in exploring all these aspects of their lives they may decide on things they wish to change and those changes will also be supported by the counsellor. I believe that a trusting therapeutic relationship is essential for any client to feel accepted, not judged and thus able to explore any issues they feel are relevant to their lives. This is the type of environment I seek to provide and maintain for all my clients.

I will support you in exploring any issue you choose but during counselling I will not tell you what to do or how you should feel, I will not give you any advice however I may suggest things that may help you explore issues and tell you how I feel about the counselling process. I may mention the thoughts, feelings and patterns that I pick up from you as these things can create a valuable insight into things when you feel confused or uncertain about what to consider first.

My Training

In addition to my core counselling qualifications, I undertake a considerable amount of training to continually expand my understanding and to support my counselling work. This is some of the work I have completed: